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Scarves and Bags and Scarves and Bags at The New Trends Sale at Casa Larga!

New Trends in Fashion Accessories: Embroidered, vibrant colors on bags and scarves! This is the latest from RAYZ International, just one of The New Trends’ Spring Show and Sale Vendors at Casa Larga in March… Love the super softness of the accent scarves, and just look at these sample bags! To see, experience and  buymuch, much more (at such reasonable prices!) visit RAYZ Intl at The Sale, Saturday March 21st…




Watch us on Rochester, LIVE TV– Giving You a Taste of The New Trends Show and Sale

Watch us on  Rochester, LIVE TV-- Giving You a Taste of The New Trends Show and Sale

We will preview a bit of The 10th New Trends Sale Live during the Noon Show on Ch 10, WHEC TV Tues Feb 4. Gorgeous formal wear from Joeval’s and casual wear. Then tune in to Ch 8 WROCTV Feb 7…Just a taste of what you will experience during the 10th New Trends Sale at Casa Larga Sat Feb 8…Join us at the big sale…discover all that’s new for The New Year…