Change Your Entire Day!

I had the happy privilege of visiting one of our featured vendors spas for a massage yesterday. If you receive massages, you know that an hour of this type of relaxation and self-soothing can be regenerating.  If you have not received massage–this self indulgent treat will have you wanting to return for another and another.

As I walked into Massage Heights in Perinton Hills Center, Fairport, I immediately felt welcomed and more relaxed–It is a beautiful, serene place with skylights and beautiful water feature.There are several massage rooms with the dimmest light imaginable. There is a beautiful couples’ massage room, as well. I was also impressed as I read about their signature facials and peels. The Spa  sells Demalogica products. In addition, Massage Heights is offering what they are calling: “Metabolism Makeovers.” It is a creative 12 week program led by a licensed Nutritionist.

My Massage Therapist, Melissa made me feel at home while offering my choice of 4 levels of massage enhancement, which included Hot Stone Massage with Aromatherapy. Massage Heights makes and sells their own natural botanical and herb massage lotions including such delicious fragrances as Lemon Grass/Orange. I chose Eucalyptus–which helps with winter time sinus issues.

As a clinical therapist who understands “The Mind/Body Connection”, I can tell you that this type of  quality massage does more than make you feel good. Melissa is a skilled therapist and worked on a few of my (what I call) “stress knots” in my shoulders and neck. You know you have a great massage therapist when you leave a massage feeling like “a wet noodle.” You relax and feel pampered and all the stress of life washes away. I loved the choice of low volume music: Indian w Zitar. I felt as if I had floated away! Amazing. I also appreciated that Melissa is not “chatty”. She has a sense of peace about her which she instills in her clients.

Do yourself a favor and visit Massage Heights in Perinton. Their incredibly reasonable prices, ambiance and staff will have you returning often. PR

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