Need New Interior Looks for 2015? First Locate Experienced, Creative Home Renovators and Designers…

Cameron Home Improvement Group of Pittsford NY offers inside and out home renovation services and design ideas.

Designer, Sarah Cameron tells us that 2015 trends encourage color palettes taken from the sky, to under the sea. Home design goes beyond the ordinary to find colors that are supernatural and magical. Deep, rich colors remain in vogue, as well.

Find interior pieces you love, and ones you already own–then remind yourself of which colors make you feel happy, serene, excited–Be bold…Take a look at a treasured family painting, your own art, or find an amazing huge silver wall piece, and then work with a color or colors in a room to complement the art, using different shades of that same color. Then find accessories such as pillows and drapes with color “pop” to brighten your more muted choices.

Interior design continues to move toward a contemporary or de-cluttered look…clean lines and use of muted tones and silver and grays are at the base, with color enhancements. Some still prefer the use of white and off white walls. It is all about what makes you comfortable…But don’t be afraid to use multiple colors which enhance each other.

The use of ethnic celebration is still seen this next year with Spanish, French and Asian influence.

Kitchens & Bath: Remember when everyone just had to have Granite countertops, Darling? Well, not necessarily this next year–that ship seems to have sailed…Instead, we see increased use of: Quartz, Stainless Steel, Ceramic and other materials. Butcher Block and concrete countertops remain popular. Vintage diner counter top edging is in, as well. Cool! That will look great next to your antique juke box!

Fun back splashes and wall tile are seen everywhere…silver and copper tiles, sea glass, stone, subway tiles…What you can dream, you likely will be able to find. Look for fabulous fun light fixtures and creative sink vessels, as well.

Have you seen the new “living walls” in kitchens? So fantastic! Vertical Herb Gardens grow in your kitchen, on a specially designed wall. Snip fresh Oregano from your very own “Green Living Wall” … Wow!

Dave Cameron, Owner of CHIG tells us architectural roofing shingles in a wider variety of colors remain popular. What’s new in siding? LOTS, says Dave! The new “green” fiber cement siding is very popular. It is designed to look like wood siding or stucco, or clapboard–is fire resistant, much more durable and virtually maintenance free. Exterior paint design and colors are making strong statements with the use of 4 and 5 colors for trim and base. CHIG reminds you to take a look at “statement” front doors and windows to update the look of your home–such variety to choose from! Many are also interested in adding brick or stone facades, especially around the front entrances.

The best place to begin planning your renovation is by researching on line and looking at home renovation idea photos….print out the photos of designs you love– for both interior and exterior renovation. Then call Cameron Home Improvement Group for an appointment to receive your complementary, no obligation estimate.


If you are looking fglam-kitchen-new trends 2014or design and renovation ideas contact Cameron Home Improvement Group. From roofing, gutters and siding replacement, to interior design and renovation, this progressive construction and design group is becoming very popular in the Rochester Area. Visit their booth at The New Trends Sale.


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