Trader Joes Returns with Tastings from Their Latest Global Finds

Don’t you just love all the amazing food at TJs? Much of it organic and oh so special…Wonderful yummy things like their French Almond Croissants you “proof” overnight and bake till puffy and delicious in the morning…”Proofing” means letting dough rise…can you believe it? Our grandmas proofed all the time!~ (In today’s litigious society–all we can think of is “Show me the proof!”)Yikes…love harkening back to the warmer good old days..

Manager, Mickey and Staff will once again be with us (of course, in their Hawaiian shirts) offering delish tastings and samples. Make certain to stop by and say Aloha! ps If you are one of the first 500 in attendance at The New Trends Sale at Casa Larga, you will receive a colorful, reusable Trader Joe’s bag…Thanks TJs!



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