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Your favorite Malls Just Signed ON With the New Trends Sale at Casa Larga

Your favorite Malls Just Signed ON With the New Trends Sale at Casa Larga

Come and discover all that’s new at Walden Galleria in Buffalo and Destiny USA in Syracuse…Both fabulous shopping centers will be represented at the 10th Annual New Trends Show and Sale at Casa Larga in Rochester. Love it! Purchase your discounted on line tickets now at

Alex and Ani Joins The New Trends Sale

Alex and Ani Joins The New Trends Sale

A Bangle Bar? Can you imagine the joy you will feel when gazing upon the amazing Bangle Bar at The New Trends Sale at Casa Larga, presented by the Alex and Ani team? Silver and gold charms and bangle bracelets (did we tell you we know what women want?)
You will be even more amazed at the reasonable prices of all those sweet symbol charms…We recently purchased a yoga symbol charm wire bracelet as a gift for Daughter, Sarah *yoga instructor, and she was Oh So Happy to receive it…also purchased was a clear bead/copper bracelet w charm….LOVE IT! We are thrilled to present such exclusive vendors at the New Trends Sale. Go on line now to purchase your discounted tickets to the Feb 8 dazzling sale at Casa Larga

World Ethnic Interior Design

World Ethnic Interior Design

Let’s also pay attention to our living spaces…Newest trends in interior design lean toward ethnic interiors– from animal totems and prints to colorful throws…Eastern Indian influence may be seen in places like Homegoods, Urban Outfitters and all over the internet. Just google “Ethnic Interior Design” and you will be amazed at the wonderful diverse designs. Be bold…change it up! Visit our interior design vendors at The New Trends Show and Sale at Casa Larga Sat Feb 8….purchase your admission tickets now

New Trend Color

New Trend Color

Orchid is the celebrated color choice for 2014. You will see purple and orchid everywhere…even in wedding dresses….you say you don’t like purple? Give it a try…you may change your mind…be bold! Orange shades are also in…Have fun…see all the latest glitzy colors and latest fashions at the New Trends Sale at Casa Larga Event Center in Rochester Sat Feb 8….buy your early birdy discounted tickets on line now….